A crack is a form of cocaine that is smoked, and the length of time you may test positive for crack depends on a number of variables. In fact, In the year 2020, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that over 5 million Americans admitted to using cocaine at least once within the previous year. Different substances will remain in the body for varying lengths of time, depending on the drug of choice. 

This is a common concern for both drug detox treatment programs and individuals who must undergo a drug test for employment. It is important to remember that drugs and alcohol remain in various body tissues (hair, saliva, urine, etc.) for different lengths of time. Depending on the dosage, the half-life of crack cocaine is only 15 minutes, meaning that crack cocaine stays in your system for fifteen minutes. Nonetheless, a number of variables can affect how long it can be detected by certain drug tests.

Cocaine originates from the coca plant found in South America and is a white substance. Due to the intense brief bursts of energy that this produces, substance abuse is extremely common, and individuals can become compulsive in their pursuit of the high. This obsessive behavior can result in mental disorders like cocaine use disorder.

Drug Tests

There are a couple of different drug testing methods that are standardly used to identify crack cocaine, each test having a different timeframe for how long it can detect the drug. The majority of drug tests detect crack’s metabolites as opposed to the substance itself. Crack cocaine is typically combined with other substances that can impede detection. Crack drug tests typically detect the substance within a few days, but heavy use significantly extends this period. We will discuss how long crack stays in your system according to different drug tests. 

how long does a crack stay in the blood?

Blood tests are the least reliable approach for detecting crack cocaine unless they are performed within hours after the individual’s previous cocaine use. Blood can be clean in as little as two hours, but the drug can remain in your system for as long as twelve hours, and this varies depending on how recently the person used crack cocaine and how quickly their metabolism processed it. 

How long does it take for crack cocaine to leave your blood? It is important to keep in mind that cocaine can be found in the blood as soon as 0.7 hours after it has been taken. As a result, if you are going to have a blood test, immediately quitting your use of crack cocaine will assist you in avoiding giving a false positive result. Crack stays in your blood up to twenty-four hours after use. 

Hair Tests

Testing for drugs using hair is considered to be one of the most accurate methods. The chemical itself, as well as the metabolites that cocaine produces, can be discovered in the hair follicles. Because hair grows so slowly, a single hair sample can continue to produce a positive result for up to a year after being taken.

Because cocaine particles and metabolites are more likely to diffuse into the hair from the surrounding environment, hair tests are more likely to produce false positive results. If you correctly wash your hair after being in an area where crack cocaine is present, you can prevent a false positive test result from occurring. Crack stays in your hair up to ninety days after use. 

Saliva Test

Similar to a blood test, a saliva test can detect crack cocaine or its metabolites for up to two days after the user last used the drug. After using cocaine for the first time, it typically takes twenty-four hours for any traces of the drug to disappear in the saliva. 

How Long Does Crack Stay In Your Urine? 

Although the window of identifying crack cocaine through urine is significantly impacted by the user’s metabolism, the frequency and severity of drug use, and a variety of other factors, crack cocaine can typically be found in the system anywhere from one to four days after usage; however, strong users may find traces of the drug in their urine for several weeks following use. 


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