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Residential Treatment

The residential program at The Florida Beachcomber Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is for clients who need to get away from the noise and chaos of the outside world. Our facilities allow clients to reflect and focus on their recovery. The holistic residential treatment program we provide integrates a structured balance of immersive individual and group therapy sessions, a 12-step meeting exercise, healthy meals, relaxation and reflection, as well as Yoga and meditation on the beach. Learning these habits is essential for serenity and lasting recovery.

Located steps from the beach in Delray, Florida The Beachcomber’s Residential Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center has served those affected by substance abuse for over 44 years. We have evolved and continue to improve and innovate in order to provide the most effective client-centered care. Our patient to staff ratio gives us the time to know our clients. We are then able to develop the specific and individualized treatments required to achieve the most significant impact. With a cap of 16 residents, it is easy to see why The Beachcomber is considered Florida’s #1 drug and alcohol treatment facility.

Therapies are provided seven days per week for seven hours per day. We adhere to evidence-based practices, focused on enriching lives and long-term recovery. We cover various topics which may include the disease of addiction, coping skills, the concept of alcoholism through marriage, relapse prevention, life skills, and interpersonal relation. Clients receive two individual therapy sessions per week; however, we provide for one counselor to every three clients, ensuring additional individual sessions if requested.

Interested Residential In Our Program?

The Beachcomber Is Ready To Provide You Or Your Loved One With Our Residential Treatment Program. You Can Be The Change You Want To See By Calling Toll Free

The Beachcomber Residential Program Advantage:


We have a maximum of 16 clients so that we can provide the best care.


Group therapy led by certified addiction therapists or counselors every week.


Residential Housing and Treatment conveniently located all on one property no busing back and forth to treatment


Licensed psychiatrist and Medical Doctor on staff to evaluate and prescribe medications as needed


Chef cooked meals family-style


Rapid Resolution Therapy to heal trauma


Acupuncture and Yoga are available twice weekly


Chiropractic, Massage, and Physical therapy available


AA and NA groups


Aftercare planning with you involved providing the most appropriate placement.


Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) with Community Housing options.

The Beachcomber Residential’s reputation precedes us. Well known in the field we welcome you to ask anyone about us and we are sure they will have nothing but good things to say. We pride ourselves in having our therapists always available to the clients. With no closed doors the clients are free to come right in and speak with a counselor whenever they like. The Beachcomber is certified by Department of Children and Families and The Join Commission for residential treatment of substance abuse. We welcome you to come tour our facility and we are sure you will be happy with our program for you or your loved one.

“I went to the Beachcomber feeling empty. I wasn’t really wanting to but everyone told me I needed to. I was told in June 2012 that the counselors were in recovery, and they believed in God. When I heard GOD I went. I felt like it was a calling. At first when I got there I felt very uncomfortable and in seconds the lady at the desk made me laugh and suddenly I didn’t feel so bad. My favorite counselor was Trey. He was very strong and firm and a BIG Believer in God. The others were extremely nice also. Since feeling so at ease I felt completely comfortable and I opened up and shared. Not being judged but rather supported I felt free. So I thank the staff you will always have a place in my heart.”

-Sebastian Christian

“Beachcomber is an excellent facility. It was the one and last place that my Son successfully sought treatment. The staff was firm but very caring. They always took my phone calls and I had weekly updates with their now Clinical Director Genna. She has kept in touch with all of to this day, and we celebrate my Son’s sober date together each year, as I truly believe she was most instrumental in his recovery. Addiction treatment is a difficult industry and I have the utmost respect for those who work in it. Beachcomber has been around for a very long time and that’s due to its immense success rate.”

-Cynthia Aragona

“A welcoming and warm environment in which all employees deeply care about the well being of those who walk through the doors. Director Jenna was professional, intelligent, and sought to provide the best for all patients. Would hands down recommend to anyone seeking a treatment facility.”

-Darcey Mulligan

“I was in desperate need for my loved one. She was so broken and without hope upon arrival. It took 2 minutes to change her feelings from hopelessness to hopeful and forward thinking and a sense of safety. They created an empathetic, loving, welcoming environment. The therapy is intense and professional according to her. I am so grateful to Beach Combers and it’s caring staff for helping her and putting her on a strong path of recovery. Thank you a million times overs. ”

-Inez Pena

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