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Detoxification Treatment

Admission to The Beachcomber addiction treatment center is based on several key requirements. Primary among these is the necessity for new residents to attend groups and be alert to information under discussion. Consequently, there must be sufficient sober time to understand and participate in our program. Some who seek admission must first attend “detoxification” at a medical facility. Our experience over decades in South Florida has uniquely qualified our administrators in making referrals to such services. If it is determined that detox is necessary we are prepared to help make those arrangements.

Drug detox and alcohol detox are generally short term addiction treatment programs, usually lasting between three to ten days. The time spent in drug or alcohol detox is contingent upon the amount of drugs/alcohol being used, how long and any added medical or psychiatric symptoms.

Detox, short for detoxification, is only the first step in the addiction treatment process. Most people, due to the length and severity of use, develop a physical and psychological dependency on their drug of choice (including alcohol). When abruptly discontinued the individual may begin to experience withdrawal symptoms. These initial withdrawal symptoms may include sweats, cramping and anxiety or can be as medically complex as seizures or convulsions. The risks associated with suddenly discontinuing use are too great to be done without medical supervision.

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Drug or alcohol detox can be a challenging process and almost all treatment programs will ensure their program is designed to ensure safety and prepare their patients for further care. Substance abuse can cause profound changes in brain and body chemistry and one of the first priorities in recovery from addiction is to detoxify from toxic chemicals and their byproducts. While complete detoxification can take months or even years, licensed detox centers in Florida provide medical supervision during the first few hours or days of abstinence. Withdrawal can be physically overwhelming, or even dangerous.

Many patients experience mild to moderate symptoms during withdrawal and can undergo detoxification without medications if they receive supportive care and monitoring. Inpatient medical detoxification services are appropriate for alcoholics at risk for serious complications of withdrawal or those with co-existing medical conditions.

More recently, outpatient detoxification has been shown to be as effective as inpatient treatment and less costly for people with less severe alcoholism. To participate effectively in a treatment program it is agreed a detoxification process must have occurred. In many instances those being admitted have abstained from alcohol or drug abuse for a sufficient time to adjust to entry into the rehabilitation program. Consequently abstinence has served as detoxification to a “workable” degree and the resident who is admitted will be kept under close observation as he, or she enters the first stages in our program. However, in some situations detox may be necessary and this can be determined in the admission process by The Beachcomber personnel on duty

“I went to the Beachcomber feeling empty. I wasn’t really wanting to but everyone told me I needed to. I was told in June 2012 that the counselors were in recovery, and they believed in God. When I heard GOD I went. I felt like it was a calling. At first when I got there I felt very uncomfortable and in seconds the lady at the desk made me laugh and suddenly I didn’t feel so bad. My favorite counselor was Trey. He was very strong and firm and a BIG Believer in God. The others were extremely nice also. Since feeling so at ease I felt completely comfortable and I opened up and shared. Not being judged but rather supported I felt free. So I thank the staff you will always have a place in my heart.”

-Sebastian Christian

“Beachcomber is an excellent facility. It was the one and last place that my Son successfully sought treatment. The staff was firm but very caring. They always took my phone calls and I had weekly updates with their now Clinical Director Genna. She has kept in touch with all of to this day, and we celebrate my Son’s sober date together each year, as I truly believe she was most instrumental in his recovery. Addiction treatment is a difficult industry and I have the utmost respect for those who work in it. Beachcomber has been around for a very long time and that’s due to its immense success rate.”

-Cynthia Aragona

“A welcoming and warm environment in which all employees deeply care about the well being of those who walk through the doors. Director Jenna was professional, intelligent, and sought to provide the best for all patients. Would hands down recommend to anyone seeking a treatment facility.”

-Darcey Mulligan

“I was in desperate need for my loved one. She was so broken and without hope upon arrival. It took 2 minutes to change her feelings from hopelessness to hopeful and forward thinking and a sense of safety. They created an empathetic, loving, welcoming environment. The therapy is intense and professional according to her. I am so grateful to Beach Combers and it’s caring staff for helping her and putting her on a strong path of recovery. Thank you a million times overs. ”

-Inez Pena

Coverage That Meets Your Needs

We understand how important it is to have insurance that covers your medical needs for drug and alcohol rehabilitation and will help you to maximize your benefits. Some of the larger insurance providers we work with include:

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