Alcohol Facts

An estimated $600 Billion is lost every year in the U.S. on untreated alcohol abuse and alcoholism.

Families of Alcoholics and Alcohol Abusers use 10 times more sick leave.

About 40% of deaths in the workplace are caused by alcohol abuse.

Alcohol and Drug Abuse causes about $100 billion in industry loss annually.

Current estimates show over 15 million in U.S. abuse alcohol and/or drugs.

Alcoholism causes loss of about 500 million workdays per year.

About 50% of employment “problems” are traceable to alcohol and abuse of drugs.

According to current statistics about 12.4 million Americans were considered heavy drinkers or abusers of alcohol.

Eighty percent of family members of alcohol abusers consider work and home life “impaired” due to alcohol.

Alcoholism contributes to HIV/AIDS and other infectious diseases.

Of deaths in U.S. from other than prescribed drugs nearly 40% indicated alcohol abuse.

Alcohol abuse ranks among the top causes of “preventable deaths” every year in the U.S.

The yearly cost of alcohol abuse to every man, woman and child in the nation is roughly $1050 per person.

Most physicians fail to screen for alcohol dependency during medical exams and health professionals consider screening a waste of time.

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