Health Insurance Information For Alcohol & Drug Rehab at Beachcomber


At the Beachcomber, our central aim is to facilitate real, sustainable change in our patients. We are dedicated to providing support to each person regardless of their socioeconomic status or background. With this aim, we work with health insurance companies to provide the highest level of addiction recovery care while not making it a financial burden on patients. Over the decades that Beachcomber has served the Florida community, we’ve developed relationships with regional and national health insurance companies. We’ve spent the time developing a track record of success and showing fidelity to our patients so health insurance companies are eager to work with us toward the best possible health outcomes of addiction recovery. An indicator of our success and trustworthiness can be seen in the wide array of insurance providers that work alongside us. Put simply: insurance providers are comfortable choosing Beachcomber for either alcohol rehab or drug rehab for their patients because we are recognized in Florida and around the nation as a provider of high-quality addiction treatment. Florida-based & national insurance companies we work with include:

If you are seeking detoxification, residential support or to engage with us as an outpatient; we can accept insurance for whichever treatment plan works best for you. It is worth asking your insurance company whether they would be willing to pay for your time with us at Beachcomber, even if you do not use one of the larger insurance companies that we work with; because we are such a trusted center, it is likely that they will agree. To find out more about what kind of insurance cover is possible; please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, or your insurance company to discuss.