For almost 50 years, Florida Health Care Plans has provided high-quality healthcare plans to Florida consumers. The business takes great satisfaction in offering clear, inexpensive health insurance that combines the advantages of a big insurance company with the personalized service of a small business. More than 9,000 basic and specialized care physicians, hospitals, and other healthcare institutions are available to members.

Under the federal Affordable Care Act, Florida Health Care Plans, like other insurance companies, are required to cover drug and alcohol rehabilitation. The specific coverage amount is determined by your insurance plan. On the FHCP website, you can look for addiction treatment centers if you have this kind of plan.

In-network coverage is provided by Beachcomber Rehab to those with this insurance. Accessible Health Care Plans in Florida

FHCP offers programs for adults, kids, and families. You can buy insurance on the free market or obtain it via your workplace. Among the plans available are the following:

Health plans with a high deductible (HDPD). A significant deductible of several thousand dollars or more is part of these policies. You’ll be able to get coverage for doctor visits after you reach this deductible.

Co-payment schedules. Once you’ve reached your plan deductible, some plans just need a co-payment for services. FHCP continues to cover primary care visits and generic medications up until the deductible is met.

Accessible plans. You can see any doctor at any time with this choice.

With a PPO plan, you often choose your own physicians, but an HMO plan mandates that you designate a primary care physician to oversee your care.

Medicare Benefits Via FHCP

If you meet the eligibility requirements and are 65 years of age or older, FHCP can provide Medicare coverage for you. A low-premium, low-deductible PPO or HMO plan is an option for you. The particular plan, where you live, and other variables affect the kind of coverage you get. Nevertheless, the majority of Medicare plans cover a wide range of illnesses and symptoms, including detoxification and specialist inpatient or outpatient treatment for those with drug or alcohol addiction.

Of amenities based on your needs. An additional Medicare supplement plan can be purchased.

FHCP Coverage for Treatment of Substance Abuse

Florida residents are permitted by federal law to utilize their health coverage to cover the cost of addiction treatment in the state. If you are covered by a regular FHCP plan through Medicare or an employer-sponsored plan, your benefits could include:

therapy and counseling for concurrent mental health issues, as well as drug and alcohol addiction

detoxification from drug or alcohol usage

Recovery within a residential setting

Programs for partial hospitalization (PHP) for drug rehabilitation

IOPs, or intensive outpatient programs, can be used in place of inpatient care.

Before referring you for substance abuse treatment, certain plans might ask for prior authorization. This procedure ascertains that this kind of recovery is covered by your plan as a medical necessity if you meet the requirements. Our licensed counselors can assist you in securing insurance for your care when you make contact with our facilities.

We at Beachcomber Recovery Center ensure that your ability to overcome financial barriers won’t stand in the way of your addiction recovery. When you contact or visit us to obtain more information, we will be able to answer questions about your coverage. We accept a wide range of insurance policies, including FHCP plans.

Services for Addiction to FHCP Members

Beachcomber is prepared to develop a customized rehabilitation plan that meets your needs as an in-network provider for Medicare and FHCP conventional plans. We integrate a number of evidence-based techniques with coaching you to build effective coping skills. Abilities and dealing with the root causes of addiction.

The majority of people gain from beginning in a PHP program or a residential rehabilitation program. PHP requires several hours a day of meetings, therapy, and other treatment sessions; however, patients can spend the evenings at home with their families. People who have completed a residential program or PHP successfully might go into IOP for aftercare therapy that promotes long-term sobriety.

If you or a loved one have issues with alcohol, heroin, cocaine, fentanyl, methamphetamine, prescription drugs, or any other controlled substance, you can get information by getting in touch. Experienced medical professionals at Beachcomber rehab center oversee medication management, detox, individual therapy, and group therapy. In addition, 12-step programs, outdoor therapy, personal training, acupuncture, yoga, and other therapies are included in treatment plans for additional medical attention.

Your specific health insurance plan will determine the entire scope of coverage; certain policies, for instance, do not pay for complementary and alternative therapy for addiction. Regardless of coverage, our goal is to provide you with the comprehensive physical, psychological, and spiritual care you require to recover from a substance use disorder.

Medical Service Providers Addiction Treatment at Beachcomber RehabĀ 

Beachcomber offers assistance if you’re concerned about the level of substance usage in yourself or a family member. Patients from Boynton Beach, Florida, and other parts of the state are served by our hospital. At our welcoming, secure facilities, we provide all the resources necessary to support a full recovery and a new way of life.


Please give us a call today. Our certified, experienced, and licensed addiction counselors can supply you with information and respond to your inquiries around the clock, seven days a week, and many of them are undergoing their own recovery journeys.