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Individual One-On-One Drug Rehab Counseling and Recovery Treatment in Florida

Beachcomber One on One Therapy

Patients at Beachcomber have the opportunity to engage with a variety of treatment options to address their substance abuse addiction and begin unpacking the elements of their addiction, including one on one therapy with a skilled drug rehab counselor.

Our addiction treatment specialists are based here in Florida and understand some of the unique challenges and advantages that Florida provides those suffering from substance abuse.

What is one on one therapy for substance abuse?

Individual therapy to treat addiction will take place with just you and one of our experienced, specialist addiction therapists, who will understand feelings of apprehension and uncertainty and strive to create a trusting, safe environment to discuss your addiction.

It is important to our therapist for you to be confident and comfortable discussing personal aspects of your life, so at Beachcomber, it is of utmost importance that you feel able to feedback to the therapist if there is anything they can do to improve communication.

Beachcomber aims to help patients understand and unpack their addiction, identifying trigger points and underlying causes. It is difficult to place a specific amount of time for this process, so we prefer to work holistically and flexibly to meet all your individual unique needs.

Is one on one therapy suitable for my drug recovery?

All patients at Beachcomber will have one on one therapy incorporated into their individual treatment plan. It is highly likely that throughout the course of the initial recovery journey, particularly painful memories and emotions will confront patients so having professional psychotherapists work with patients to work through these memories and emotions are critical. It is understood that addiction can be an incredibly lonely place at times, and so our one on one therapy sessions are here to provide support during difficult times and to reflect on progress made.

The specialist addiction therapist supporting you can begin as early as the detoxification period and will continue throughout your time at Beachcomber, with the option of continuation in our outpatient program, once you begin to integrate back into society.

Beachcomber believes that it is vital to be flexible and accommodating for people with all backgrounds and circumstances; whichever level of intensity and length of time helps sustain and maintain abstinence and heals the wounds that contribute to addiction.

Get in touch for more information

It can be an overwhelming decision to seek help for an addiction, but it certainly helps to have a clear picture of what therapy entails. You may have heard conflicting accounts of what happens during addiction therapy; if you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Beachcomber as we will do our best to answer all your questions and give you peace of mind.