Our Staff

Meet Our Chef

It has always been a founding principle of The Beachcomber, that mental and physical wellbeing are integral parts in the process of recovery. Our founder, James Bryan Sr., believed that a healthy body was essential for a productive, sober lifestyle. It is for this reason that The Beachcomber Inpatient facility takes great pride in our nutritional program as well as our head chef Andy Cobas.

Incoming patients will be greeted with fresh ingredients and unique recipes crafted by a professionally trained chef. As a man who has successfully navigated the road of recovery, Andy now contributes to The Beachcomber by assuring that every patient is fed, happy, and healthy.

Patients with special dietary needs or requests will find that all reasonable accommodations can be met. Vegetarian, vegan, even Kosher meals can be easily provided for patients who request them. Any food allergies are carefully monitored and appropriate dishes can be crafted. And as always, nutrition and health is the main concern.

“I went through treatment myself. So trust me; I know how important good nutrition is. So many people come here and they are undernourished and what their body needs more than anything is healthy food to bring them back to a good place.”

Andy Cobas

“I never serve greasy food, that’s not how we do it. Treatment is important to get your mind right, but building the body back up is just as important. Three good meals a day, that’s what you need. I never get any complaints. ”

Andy Cobas

“You know, it’s an interesting topic (nutrition). The nutritional needs
for people going through treatment are different from the average person. We take that into consideration.”

Joe Bryan

CEO and Executive Director, The Beachcomber

As is with most aspects of treatment, meals are held as a group. Patients as well as staff sit down to meals together to reflect on the day and the progress of recovery. This family style of dining is implemented as a means to promote interaction among patients and staff and create a sense of community.

Whatever your dietary needs, The Beachcomber is fully capable of providing healthy, nutritious meals to all patients. With a fully stocked kitchen and a professionally trained chef, there is never a shortage of good food.