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Our Staff


Valerie Bartenfelder

Counselor, CAC

Valerie Bartenfelder is originally from Miami Florida and lived for 35 years in Colorado. She moved back to Florida to be closer to family in 2011. Valerie is a Certified Addiction Counselor with the state of Florida and has been trained extensively in psychodrama. Additionally, Valerie is a registered RRT practitioner. She currently works as a counselor and enjoys working alongside our other long-term clinical staff members. Valerie also has a passion for traveling, and has had opportunities to travel to many far-off destinations over the last 25 years. She has traveled to Europe, Micronesia, Africa and India to name a few. Valerie lives in Delray Beach, Fl. with her husband.

In memory of Trey Cryer


We said farewell to our beloved friend Trey Cryer in 2018. Trey Cryer, MS, RRT, CAPwas a member of the Beachcomber therapy staff for over 20 years and a close friend of our founder, Jim Bryan. Trey was known for his “open door” access for all clients and noted for his serious and firm dedication to those in recovery. Trey often said: “The Beachcomber program is the finest I’ve ever encountered.” Trey was a beacon of inspiration and helped countless people who had lost their way or were going to give up on the road of recovery. We miss Trey, but his spirit lives on inspiring new generations to find freedom in recovery.