Sober Living Florida

Sober living homes can bridge the gap between rehab and the real world. These facilities provide a safe place for when you have started your recovery journey but still need a certain level of support.

At The Beachcomber, we understand that starting recovery can be daunting, and going at it alone too soon can lead to relapse. For this very reason, we can provide help and support to ensure you find suitable local sober housing after your treatment.

If you are looking for sober living housing in Florida, we are here to guide you every step of the way. Contact us today to find out more about your options.

What Is a Sober Living Home?

Sober living homes are recovery residences independent from rehab facilities, designed for those who need extra help with their sobriety, particularly after drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

As drug and alcohol-free environments, sober living homes provide continuous medical support and guidance. Similar to halfway houses, sober living facilities are specific to people recovering from substance abuse and addiction rather than those who have been incarcerated or have mental health problems.

Although many people practice independent living at sober homes, they are essentially a safety net until those in recovery can go it alone. The mission of these homes and staff is to equip all residents with the skills needed to move forward and maintain their sobriety.

Recovery is hard work, but there is no need to make it even harder by throwing yourself in at the deep end. At sober homes, you can catch your breath and begin your new life free from addiction in a supportive environment, giving you the best chance of successful long-term recovery.

What Are the Benefits of Sober Living?

Staying in recovery residences after treatment can often make the difference between relapse and sobriety.

Unfortunately, when you return to your everyday life after attending rehab, there is a risk of falling back into old habits that initially gave rise to substance abuse and addiction. Often this is because the home environment is not a suitable place to focus on recovery.

Sober living aims to equip you with the mindset needed for independent recovery. Each facility has its own set of guidelines and requirements. However, residents at a sober living house can expect:

  • A no-tolerance ban on alcohol, drugs, and violence
  • Random drug testing
  • A mandatory curfew
  • A ban on guests
  • Participation in recovery meetings
  • Participation in chores and other activities
  • Mandatory or strong encouragement to enter a 12-step program

We understand that, like many others, you will desire freedom after the rehabilitation period, but too much can risk a relapse if you are not ready. The rules of sober living help you avoid temptation and stop you from returning to harmful habits.

Addiction and rehab can be an isolating experience, but immersing yourself in the sober living community is an excellent way to socialize and form friendships through healthy outlets. Although you may have friends and family members who want to support you, even those with the best intentions don’t often understand what it is like to be in recovery. However, friends in the recovery community will keep you accountable and encourage you to make good choices and stay sober.

Friendships are also good for morale as well as positive mental health. Recovery is about abstaining from drugs and alcohol, not the joys in life. In fact, isolation is often a relapse trigger for many. Therefore, it is essential to have a sense of community in recovery.

Sober living offers the structure and support needed for moving forward, providing the skills necessary to help you reintegrate back into society and achieve lasting sobriety.

How Can I Find a Sober Living House?

At The Beachcomber, our intensive outpatient program (IOP) combined with our knowledge and expertise can help find the right sober living home for you. We make it our mission to help you live free from alcohol addiction and drug addiction.

Contact us today for confidential advice on your next step in addiction recovery.