Questions for Treatment

What to Ask When Seeking Treatment

How long is the program?

Be sure to make specific inquiries like: will that all be at an inpatient level? and Will they be receiving 5 hours of group therapy that whole time? Many programs will say they have a 90 day program but this is not always all inpatient, generally it will be 28 days inpatient and the rest is outpatient level with only 3 hours of therapy per day. If they are promising 28 days or more at inpatient level, ask them if they will put that in writing. And ask if there will be any extra costs.

What is the full time therapist to patient ratio and what are the credentials of those running groups?

Many centers will have one therapist with a case load of 25 or more clients, as opposed to our one therapist to 4 clients. Also with caseloads like that they generally won’t be running groups. Most centers will have behavioral techs that run the group, here at The Beachcomber all groups are ran by a certified addiction counselor.

Are meals provided or do the clients have to go grocery shopping?

Inpatient is an intense program and many times it is in the best interest to not have to worry about what you are making for dinner and focus on yourself. The more time you have to focus on yourself the more you will get to the root of the problem.

Is the treatment and housing all located on one campus?

Some inpatient programs go by whats called the “Florida Model”, a model that was started well after The Beachcomber was established. The “Florida Model” will have the treatment on one facility and the housing on another, clients are then “bused” back and forth each day for treatment.

Can I take a tour of the facility and the housing?

If you’re in the area taking a tour is a great way to verify how the program looks. Many places have pictures of the ocean but are actually located couple miles off the ocean. If you aren’t in the area and don’t have anyone able to go in your place try to pull it up on google maps, looking from the street you can get a view of the center.