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Addiction Rehabilitation on the Beach

Three Hundred and Five steps…

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That’s how far you walk before the asphalt turns to sand and the Atlantic Ocean comes into view. And in three hundred and five steps the world opens up and there is nothing but golden sand stretching for miles in each direction. The vast Atlantic greets you. The waves pound the shore and the thrumming of the surf fills your ears. It is here that you begin. Here is where we help. It is in this type of environment that the Beachcomber thrives in. Our facility centers around The Holistic approach which focuses on finding serenity and peace with oneself and your environment.

Through this process residents will experience calming activities such as regular yoga and meditation exercises on the serene shores of the Atlantic Ocean. Finding serenity within the mind and body is the best way to overcome your doubts and fears. Finding clarity and peace with oneself in this tropical environment is an essential step to overcoming the stress of life and to move forward. And if you were to take three hundred and five steps back toward the Beachcomber you would find yourself surrounded by rich vegetation, flourishing trees and blooming flowers.

The facility hosts many open air patios as a meeting place to take in the beautiful scenery and take part in one on one relaxed therapy. The scenery and beautiful environment create a calming atmosphere and peaceful aura. So breathe the fresh air and find harmony in this oasis. Here is where the healing process begins. Here is where the Beachcomber begins to help.