Drug Facts

Marijuana and Hash Oil

Comes from the Indian hemp plant and contains THC which is the chemical that produces the “high” feeling. Hash Oil is highly concentrated THC. Click here to read more on Marijuana and Hash Oil


Any substance that can only produce a high through inhalation i.e.: Spray paint and hairspray, glue, markers, paint thinners, aerosol spray, and many others. Click here to read more on Inhalnts

Club Drugs

Tend to be drugs commonly used at clubs, bars, concerts, parties, and other nightlife venues. These substances include GHB, Rohypnol® (aka roofies), ketamine, MDMA (aka Ecstasy), Methamphetamine (aka meth), and LSD (aka Acid). Click here to read more about Club Drugs

Benzos and Xanax Addiction

Benzodiazepines ( also known as ‘Benzos’ ) are a class of prescription drugs taken to treat anxiety, insomnia, PMS, panic disorders and other nervous disorders. They include Xanax, Klonopin, Valium, Ativan and Ambien. Click here to read more on Benzos and Xanax Addiction


OxyContin is the brand name for oxycodone hydrochloride, an opioid (narcotic) analgesic (pain reliever). Click Here to Learn More About Oxcontin Abuse and Treatment for Overdose


Cocaine (aka coke, blow, crack, or coke) is a strong stimulant mostly used as a recreational drug. It is commonly snorted, rubbed on gums, or dissolved in water and injected into the veins.


An opioid made from morphine. It is commonly injected, snorted, or smoked.


Methamphetamine is a stimulant drug usually used as a white, bitter-tasting powder or a pill. Crystal methamphetamine is a form of the drug that looks like glass fragments or shiny, bluish-white rocks.


Often called synthetic marijuana is a mix of chemicals and herbs that produce a similar affect to marijuana.

Bath Salts

Synthetic cathinones, more commonly known as “bath salts,” are human-made stimulants chemically related to cathinone, a substance found in the khat plant. Synthetic cathinones usually take the form of a white or brown crystal-like powder.