Medical Director, MD

“Doctor Steve” has worked with the clinical staff for over a decade and as Medical Director at The Beachcomber for the past seven years.

Presently a resident of Lantana, he has resided in Florida for nearly 20-years. Supervising our nurses and coordinating treatment for our clients he also maintains a private practice for patients in this region of the State. He attended the University of Tennessee where he obtained his medical degree.

Therapist & Director of Therapy, LCSW, CAP

Sandra S. Champa joins The Beachcomber staff with over 20 years experience in the treatment of chemical dependency. In 1998 she was awarded the Master of Social Work (MSW) degree from Barry University in Miami following her bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Florida Atlantic University in 1995.

Sandra’s experience extends from supervisory roles in administration of treatment programs through a wide range of educational requirements to certification as an addiction professional in 1990. Since 1986 she has been employed in South Florida as a therapist and counselor. Specializing in individual and family guidance, she maintains a private practice in the Delray Beach community founded in 2002.


A proud graduate of the Beachcomber Class of 1990, Sarge as he’s known nationwide for his successful career as a stand-up comedian/entertainer, credits this success with his attendance on our property over 24 years ago.

Born in Miami Beach and raised in N.Y.C., Sarge was educated at the best schools imaginable, and still saw his life lapse into his eventual bottom, which was “homeless in NYC, in mid winter”.

It was then that he turned up on the steps of the Beachcomber. He attributes his time here as the “180” that changed his life and enabled him to become the husband, father, son, mentor and citizen that he is presently.

Being a comedian is a calling and a gift and Sarge shares his unique perspective and that gift within some of the most inspiring, insightful and hilarious recovery groups offered anywhere. In his own words, “Sometimes, it’s by finding your laughter, your sense of humor, that you realize, how long it’s been since you’ve had fun. My group is designed to help bring about that fun, while discovering how good it feels to laugh again”.

Sarge resides in Boynton Beach, Florida with his wife Ania and his 6 year old son Zander.


Mike Lobert
Counselor, BS,CAP, ICRC-ADC, CAC

My journey on the path of recovery started at The Beachcomber in 1980. I have worked during the 80s, 90s, and again 2016 to present. I have had 3 generations of Bryan’s cook me breakfast on Sunday before I ran group. The number of patients, the environment, and the unspoken motto “patient care first” is why I believe The Beachccomber gives a real chance for a patient to have a “moment of truth.” Which for 40 years The Beachcomber has echoed the truth “together we can do what we can’t do alone.”


Counselor, CAC

Valerie Bartenfelder is originally from Miami Florida and lived for 35 years in Colorado. She recently moved back to Florida to be closer to family. In 2011 Valerie began a new career in addiction studies and enrolled in the Certified Addiction Professional program. She has completed all of her course work and intern hours. She currently works as a clinical administrator and continues as a clinical intern learning the Beachcomber system working alongside the director of therapy and other long term clinical staff members.

Valerie also has a passion for traveling, and has had opportunities to travel to many far off destinations over the last 25 years. She has traveled to Europe, Micronesia, Africa and India to name a few. One of her favorite places to visit was Nepal since its cultural is one of the least influenced by the U.S. and western culture.


Linden Cheney
Counselor, BS,CAP, ICRC-ADC, CAC

Linden Cheney has over thirty years of experience in addictions field. She is currently a Certified Addictions Professional with the state of Florida and is internationally certified as well. Additionally, Linden attended the Florida Institute of Hypnotherapy and is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. More recently she received her certification in Rapid Resolution Therapy which she utilizes at The Beachcomber to help those clients who have had trauma in the past. She currently works as a councilor at The Beachcomber Family Center for Addiction Recovery.