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Stages of Family Development with Addiction

One of the largest misconceptions of alcoholism, or any substance addiction, is that it is a personal problem. Several decades ago alcoholism was considered the responsibility of the individual. That person would either find a way to handle it, or suffer alone. However one thing that is often overlooked, forgotten, or disregarded is the effect Continue reading

Methamphetamine Recovery Through Holistic Treatment

Meth or Methamphetamine is an extremely potent and dangerous stimulant that works within the central nervous system and affects the bodies neuro-chemical mechanisms that are responsible for regulating appetite, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, blood pressure, attention, mood and automatic responses such as alertness or alarm. In today’s society, we see an increasing number Continue reading

Domestic Abuse in Same-Sex Relationships – Part B

I wrote this Research Paper from the perspective that same-sex domestic abuse was such an underreported problem that there were not just interventions for the individuals (abuser or victim), but also for governmental and police agencies and for therapists and social service providers. Accordingly, I laid out Part B in a way that answered three Continue reading