Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping Therapy

Last weekend June 10- 12 Sandra Champa, Trey Crier and Tony Foster all therapists from the BEACHCOMBER attended a 3 day training session on EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUES. Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or as it is sometimes called Tapping Therapy was developed by Gary Craig a few years ago. EFT therapy is an exciting new holistic approach to helping the addict or alcoholic recover from their addiction. This therapy is used to reduce stress, anxiety, pain, phobias and insomnia.

EFT therapy works with some of the same body points as acupuncture and similar to acupuncture it uses the body’s own inherent energy to reduce pain and stress. Unlike acupuncture once a client has been taught the technique they can use it the rest of their lives in their recover. Many times people in the early stages of recovery require medication to sleep or control anxiety. Our goal is to use holistic therapy such as EFT to reduce the use of medications prescribed for emotional problems.

Trey Crier, one of the BEACHCOMBER therapists wasted no time in putting this new therapy to use. In fact his Tuesday morning group therapy consisted of a group session on Emotional Freedom Techniques. Trey said afterward, It was amazing to see the joy and happiness around the room at the end of the session. After Tuesday’s positive outcome Trey used EFT therapy in his aftercare group session for BEACHCOMBER alumni on Wednesday afternoon. Trey said, we were going through the EFT therapy in the group session and a pack of cigarettes was tossed in the middle of the room. The session was so powerful that someone had decided to give up smoking while in the session.

The first few weeks of recovery can be very stressful to the recovering addict or alcoholic. It is through holistic therapies such as EFT that the staff at the BEACHCOMBER is able to reduce this stress and let the client concentrate on recovery from their addiction.