Holistic OxyContin Addiction Treatment

OxyContin addiction has increased many times over in recent years, creating an addiction which is as severe as Heroin, Percodan or Percocet addiction because they are all derived from opium; and no less severe because it is a synthetic drug. Older Teens and Young Adults are both becoming more at risk with drugs like in schools and medicine cabinets. A facility where doctors and licensed counselors can aide withdrawal with treatment can address new behavioral skills for full recovery and assist in the continued abstinence there after.

It has been shown that Yoga, Tai-Chi, Light and Sound therapy Stimulation and meditation can help relieve anxiety. Addicts will react with extreme behaviors due to pent up emotions, anger, self-loathing, shame, anxiety trauma or other negative emotions during recovery and re-education. An addict will engage in these destructive behaviors as they do not know how to handle these emotions appropriately. Holistic treatments and practices teach an addict how to relax and control their emotions with additional aid of their opiates or stimulants.

  • Yoga can help an addict learn self control, help their self confidence and improve their physical health. The combination of postures breathing and meditation helps to aid the recovering addict in dealing with the stresses of recovery.
  • For the addict acupuncture releases endorphins or the body’s natural pain relievers. The release of endorphins has shown to have the affect of temporarily relieving withdrawal symptoms.
  • The benefits of practicing Tai-Chi include: Improved strength, conditioning, coordination, and flexibility, reduced pain and stiffness, better balance and enhanced sleep and greater awareness, calmness, and overall sense of well being.
  • Clinical studies show that Light and Sound therapy Stimulation promotes significant reduction in stress and excessive tension while increasing, stress release, relaxation, personal realization and cognitive awareness, resulting in improved recovery ability.

At The Beachcomber the Holistic Approach applies to our total environment to help our patients deal with the symptoms of withdrawal. As an adjunct to our Vision Statement we must affirm adherence to the “holistic approach” from our founding in 1976. With more and more residential programs the holistic concept is regaining notoriety and so we recall our insightful beginning. It was a primary consideration with James A. Bryan when he drew upon his unique interpretations for addiction treatment. He then established that insightful process amid the natural beauty of Florida’s tropical climate.