Methamphetamine Recovery Through Holistic Treatment

Meth or Methamphetamine is an extremely potent and dangerous stimulant that works within the central nervous system and affects the bodies neuro-chemical mechanisms that are responsible for regulating appetite, heart rate, blood pressure, body temperature, blood pressure, attention, mood and automatic responses such as alertness or alarm. In today’s society, we see an increasing number of habitual and first time users turning to meth as their initial drug due to peer pressure, availability and price.

Known on the street as “speed,” “meth,” “ice,” and “crystal,” it can be injected, smoked, snorted, or swallowed, providing a “high” that is intense and can last from eight to 24 hours. It has replaced cocaine, heroin, and marijuana as the drug of choice in many areas. Once addiction takes hold, there are currently no particular pharmacological treatments for dependence on amphetamine or amphetamine-like drugs behavioral intervention is the most effective treatment for crystal meth addiction.

There are also numerous treatment obstacles such as: paranoia, decreased social skills, delusions, depression, malnutrition, violence, aggression, permanent psychological problems, kidney and lung disorders, liver damage, hallucinations, and feeling of suicide.

To address the subject a Holistic Approach to human health is best when undertaking a long journey into both mental and physical recovery. Ancient wisdom often centered on “balance” in nature and the importance of body, mind and spirit working in consort with existing environments. Early societies found it essential to adjust to nature in every way and entire cultures were built on “holistic,” effects taking place around them.

The body cures as a determined schedule of activities restores order and light to the darkened regions where chemical dependency had prevailed. Moments of clear understanding bring healthy appetites and shared experiences in a homelike dining room where residents enjoy meals designed to restore health and bring feelings of comfort.

The values we accumulate over a lifetime define spirit and usually fall one-by-one as dependency grows more commanding. The urge to self-destruct is symptomatic of the illness and this brings decline in spirituality. As explained, The Beachcomber program is key to recovery and nothing is more important than restoring balance. The values once held must be revisited and a sense of order adjusted to meet progressive “recovery.

In many instances, there was no awareness of the “whole being” and new overviews are required. The process begins as The Beachcomber program leads to new awakenings. Many thousands of former residents have experienced the mystery of our step-by-step, stage-by-stage restoration of values and appreciation for living.

In conclusion, crystal methamphetamine continues to plague our world and recovery from this hazardous drug proves to be among the most difficult habits to break. At The Beachcomber the Holistic Approach applies to our total environment in addition to traditional treatments to addiction we also offer Tai-Chi, Yoga, Acupuncture and Light-Sound Neurotherapy to help our patients deal with the symptoms of withdrawal.

That ideal has always applied at The Beachcomber and consequently we may have simply accepted it from the start. We have not stressed the Holistic Approach since it is truly engrained in the program we offer residents. Attention to body, mind and spirit is part of every day’s activity and rarely does an individual note subtle changes taking place while a resident. This becomes an accumulation of values and adjustments to “balance” designed in our program of recovery.