Yoga & Addiction Treatment


Yoga was developed to be healthy alternative to dealing with stress. Yoga works by focusing on treating both the mind and the body simultaneously in an effort to achieve a union of body mind and spirit.

It has been shown that yoga and meditation can help relieve anxiety. Addicts will react with extreme behaviors due to pent up emotions, anger, self-loathing, shame, anxiety trauma or other negative emotions. An addict will engage in these destructive behaviors as they do not know how to handle these emotions appropriately. Yoga can teach an addict how to relax and control their emotions. Yoga can help an addict learn self control, help their self confidence and improve their physical health. The combination of postures breathing and meditation helps to aid the recovering addict in dealing with the stresses of recovery.

Addicts who abuse prescription drugs to help control chronic pain will also find benefits from yoga. Studies have shown that yoga can actually help improve the effectiveness of medical treatments used for chronic pain.

The physical toll caused by addictive behaviors on the body is immense and can contribute to an addicts shame. Yoga stretches, bends and breathing methods can help re-strengthen the body and teach a recovering addict how to diffuse the thoughts and situations which trigger addictive behaviors. Being able to do this is the key to recovery.

Long term effects of Yoga include increased flexibility and stamina, bone and muscle strength, improved circulation and better coordination. Better physical health helps a recovering addict develop a positive self image and decreases the risk that they will abuse of their bodies through drug and alcohol use.

Of course yoga alone is not the answer as it is most successful when combined with other treatment methods.

At The Beachcomber Treatment Center we specialize in the treatment of drug and alcohol additions. We use a holistic approach to drug addiction treatment striving to heal the mind body and soul of an addict.

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