Vision Statement


Our Vision

Combining the structure and discipline of an intense therapeutic program with the resocialization and experience of sober fun.

Proud of a Lasting Heritage
Pride in a Unique Program

Joe BryanJoseph Bryan has been named Executive Director of The Beachcomber. He follows in the path of his father, James Bryan, who founded the facility in Florida in 1976 and whose career spanned decades of leadership in the field of alcoholism treatment and addiction treatment. James died on December 1, 2005.

James Bryan Sr

James A Bryan Sr

Jim had begun changes at The Beachcomber as plans for retirement dawned. It was then his son, Joe, expressed interest in management. He had worked at the facility since 1980 then in 1987, with a degree in business administration from Florida Atlantic University, Joe was ready for the health care career that has followed.

First as marketing director and community spokesman for The Beachcomber, Joe learned the importance of a “homelike atmosphere.” He noted how residents responded positively to the program and felt ready to share his knowledge with a broad range of referral agencies.

By 1992 Joe had advanced to program director with Jim Bryan available for consultation. Changes were smooth and orderly so as Executive Director Joe’s transition is now complete. The Beachcomber’s experienced staff faces the future with confidence in a program developed over a thirty year span.

Since its opening the program has been keyed to treatment in an intimate, homelike environment. In the words of the founder, Jim Bryan, “it’s a residential program where hope and fulfillment begin to replace fear, anger and loneliness.”

Keyed to the principals of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous, a combination of factors makes the residential experience unique for those seeking treatment in the appealing, tropical setting.

A Bit of History …

The Beachcomber was founded in Florida in 1976 to help individuals and families afflicted with the devastating illness of alcoholism and drug addiction. We combine the structure and discipline of an intense therapeutic program with the support and experience of a sober community.

What Sets Our Addiction Treatment Center Apart

In our intimate environment, under 16 clients interact with six full-time therapists. Hope and fulfillment begin to replace emotions such as fear, anger, and loneliness in the individual, as well as the frustration and hidden suffering of family and loved ones.

The emphasis of treatment is on personal contact. Therapists are not burdened by administrative activities. There are approximately seven hours of therapy per day, seven days a week. This includes group therapy every day as well as seminars covering a wide range of subjects from the disease concept of alcoholism through marriage, sexual dysfunction, and interpersonal relations. In addition, there are two scheduled individual sessions per week for each client plus casual therapy which goes on in a continuous manner throughout our family-like setting.

There are two sessions per week for family members plus additional counseling, if needed. While family members’ participation is not mandatory, diligent efforts bring about a 99% participation of families in our program.

The Beachcomber is geared towards the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Al-Anon, with meetings on the premises. An A.A. and N.A. contact is made for each client before leaving as well as a schedule of A.A. and N.A. meetings.

Change is what we are really about, and as the number of men and women who begin their sobriety at the Beachcomber grows into the thousands, we are more sure than ever that we are accomplishing what we set out to do.

We invite you to talk with us and to visit our beautiful family-like setting just 305 paces from the uncrowded private beach on the Atlantic Dunes in Delray Beach, Florida.