Trey Cryer

Therapist Counselor

Trey Cryer, MS, CAP has been a member of the Beachcomber therapy staff since 1997. In that time, he has combined his specialized training with an uncanny ability to provide clients with a solid understanding of addiction and the recovery process. His experience at The Beachcomber extends over ten years with close ties to former patients through The Beachcomber Aftercare Program.

Trey specializes in Rapid Resolution Therapy. This provides individualized therapy for patients suffering from post-traumatic stress, panic attacks, sexual abuse, grief and other behavioral disorders. He is certified in rapid resolution and clinical hypnosis. Trey Cryer also utilizes several clinically- effective psychological and emotional techniques such as sound neurotherapy and emotional freedom techniques. Trey’s education includes Saint Lawrence University, University of Buffalo, Miami University and the University of South Florida.

By combining his dedication to his profession with a love for warm climates, Trey has found a home here at The Beachcomber. Other assignments of his have included The Virgin Islands, Alabama, Washington, DC and Florida. And in all his time he has come to term The Beachcomber program as: “The finest I’ve ever encountered”.

A resident of Delray Beach, Trey now leads groups and lectures on alcoholism and substance abuse. He is known for his “open door” access for all patients. Noted for his serious and firm dedication to those in recovery.