Toothbrush Therapy


Toothbrush Therapy® has been part of the Beachcomber program for over 25 years. It is a simple process but has proven to be very effective part of a lifelong program of sobriety. Many alumni of the Beachcomber continue to use Toothbrush Therapy daily as part of the sobriety regime.Each client at the Beachcomber is taught that they must work on their sobriety every day. Toothbrush Therapy is a method of building in simple habits into your daily routine, like brushing your teeth after eating. Here are the five principles of Toothbrush Therapy:

  • Pray and meditate daily
  • Read four pages of positive literature daily
  • Attend a meeting daily
  • Interact with another recovering alcoholic or addict daily
  • Develop a gratitude list daily

Please review the video, it’s a testimonial by our good friend and former employee, Dr. Anthony Foster, to the power of Toothbrush Therapy, who continues to practice it daily.