Effects of Alcohol

Let’s Discuss Alcohol Abuse & Alcoholism

Alcohol abuse in its many forms has an incalculable effect on individual victims, their families, friends and associates. The consequences are seen and felt by millions under many specific sets of circumstances. All are familiar to those who have experienced them at home and at work. Efforts over past decades have resulted in analysis, medical diagnosis, and multiple forms of treatment. When alcohol is abused or results in alcoholism, solutions can be provided and are available in many forms.

Documented through U.S. Health & Human Services:

  • An estimated $276 billion yearly is lost as the result of untreated alcoholism and drug abuse in America. The cost results from lost productivity, law enforcement costs, health care charges and welfare outlays.
  • Family members of alcoholics use up to 10 times as much sick leave as families without alcoholism present.
  • Approximately 50% of deaths and injuries in the workplace are linked to substance abuse: alcohol and illicit drugs. Drug and alcohol abuse costs industry an estimated $100 billion every year.
  • According to the latest data about 15 million in the U.S. abused alcohol and/or drugs and millions more were classified as heavy drinkers.
  • Alcoholism alone, causes an estimated 500 million lost workdays per year.
  • Sixty percent of alcohol-related work performance problems are attributed to those who simply over indulge on nights or weekends. They are not alcoholics but are at an early stage in alcohol abuse.
  • Over 20% of employed workers have reported injury or being put in danger by fellow employees who are abusing alcohol.
  • Family members of alcohol abusers, in fact 80%, report their functions at work and home impaired as a result of living with alcohol problems.
  • Individuals with drug abuse and alcoholism are prime candidates for HIV/AIDS and prone to diseases like hepatitis, tuberculosis and sexually transmitted infections.