Drug Addiction Treatment

A Private Residential Treatment Center by the Beach

A very private Family Center for Alcoholism and Addiction Recovery on the Atlantic Ocean in Delray Beach, Florida. We treat substance and drug abuse, and chemical dependence in a private environment.

The Beachcomber, a drug treatment center, is the oldest private residential rehabilitation center in Florida. The rehab center has consistently maintained an excellent national reputation for high quality, effective and ethical rehabilitation, offering long and short-term programs for drug and alcohol addiction. Individualized treatment plans are available for substance and drug abuse, along with treatment for depression, anxiety, and mood disorder.
Personalized Drug Treatment

Our drug treatment center provides a variety of choices to best treat the person seeking help. Substance and drug abuse treatment plans are designed to address each person’s needs. Our rehabilitation center offers drug treatment programs for chemical dependence (alcohol, crack, cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens, prescription drug abuse), mood disorders, or any other diagnoses associated with addiction. The level of care and length of stay are determined by the needs of the patient. Our individualized treatment planning has been shown to improve treatment outcomes.

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