The Beachcomber Opens New Intensive Outpatient Office

The Beachcomber IOP is designed to expand on the thoughts and ideas which allowed its parent company, The Beachcomber Family Center for Addiction Recovery, to build over thirty five years of successfully treating those afflicted with alcoholism and drug addiction. This includes an emphasis on structure, discipline, hope, self-esteem, fun, and especially, the tools to Continue reading

The Good and Bad are Footprints in History

Taking a personal inventory is good common sense and most people would agree it’s a habit worth cultivating.  Many have found a daily journal or diary equally rewarding as life unfolds.  It can be a way of avoiding the mistakes of our past.  The 12-Step programs for Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous suggest “we make Continue reading

Support Networks in Recovery: Unlimited Two-way Channels

Experience has clearly proven the value of a solid support network in recovery from alcohol or drug addiction.  For all those involved in programs of recovery nothing is more important than open exchange of information among those sharing in the challenges of substance abuse. Discussions of life’s daily problems, conflict in feelings that sometimes erupt Continue reading

Literature on Alcoholism and Addiction Often Lead to Treatment and Recovery

Beginning with the “Big Book,” Alcoholics Anonymous, a solid foundation for comprehensive treatment was published in 1939 and has undergone some editing and relatively minor changes into its Fourth Edition.  The book, most often referred to by A.A. members as “The Big Book,” described a twelve-step program involving admission of powerlessness over alcohol, moral inventory, Continue reading

Spirituality in Treatment and the Desire for Recovery

Addiction treatment presupposes many common webs that entangle those seeking change and guidance from dependency on Alcohol, prescription medication, or narcotics. One major indicator for most who need treatment is general bankruptcy and restoration of what’s often termed: spirituality. Webster terms that concept as: the quality or state of being spiritual. Another source defines spirituality Continue reading

Recovery from Alcoholism & Addictions Is Available to Those Who Will Work at It!

Alcoholism substance abuse treatment – is effective in most cases when the individual has a sincere desire for recovery.  That person must want to be sober and willing to do whatever it takes to attain that goal.  Research shows that a minority of alcoholics remain sober after treatment, while some have periods of sobriety alternating Continue reading