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Florida Alcoholism Treatment Center

Nestled behind the high dunes in a coral cove, The Beachcomber Alcohol Treatment Center is surrounded by swaying palms, towering sea grape hedges and legendary gumbo-limbo trees. Here is a tranquil island in the heart of an otherwise bustling resort area.
residential alcohol treatment center

The Beachcomber offers unique advantages as a Florida treatment center for alcoholism and drug dependency. Widely known and highly respected, The Beachcomber’s proven programs have served as a model for many alcoholism and drug treatment centers in resort areas around the world.
Situated between Delray Beach and Boynton Beach in Florida, this idyllic location has been the setting for renowned addiction treatment for over twenty-seven years. With a program keyed to both drug and alcohol abuse, admissions are limited to sixteen residents.
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Setting High Standards for Alcohol Treatment in Florida

During its years of operation The Beachcomber, has provided treatment of the highest standards for nearly five thousand persons and in a relaxed, tranquil environment that has set the standard for many Florida treatment centers. Here, the best of quality care is presented with warm and caring attention based on an exacting, professional evaluation of every patient.
The Beachcomber provides patients with specific goals set for completion of the program with a personal “after care” plan. The alcohol treatment objective is to ensure a guided pathway to long-term sobriety often regarded as a hopeless dream by the alcoholic and the drug addict.
Evoking deep, personal experiences “footprints in the sand” at Florida’s Beachcomber have become treasured reminders for former patients. A stroll on any beach often triggers recall of those first steps toward recovery and the sober living discovered at this unique Florida treatment center.
Former residents, realizing the rewards of a new life in sobriety, have written frequently to staff members and therapists expressing their gratitude. They refer to an initial warm welcome and then stress the appeals of the Florida recovery environment. “A newly discovered personal awareness came to me with my evening walks by the rolling surf,” is the way one former resident summed up his experiences at The Beachcomber.

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Find Beachside Tranquilty during Treatment for Alcoholism

Tranquility after intense treatment often leads to strong foundations for recovery. The process seems to prove itself over and over with patients as counselors draw upon their years of experience at the facility.
At The Beachcomber the relaxed approach to residential rehabilitation treatment offers the opportunity for new friendships and the sharing of new living experiences. Meeting rooms and patient areas are maintained at pleasant temperatures and always made comfortable for intimate therapy groups and regular sessions in individual counseling.
What’s more, prevailing sea breezes add appeal to evening strolls and outdoor socializing under the stars. Awareness of the daily schedule helps a return to orderly living. Future recovery most often requires change from established patterns of alcohol and drug dependencies.

The Beachcomber’s reputation for excellent home cooking with friendly discussions are added rewards for intimate “family” dining at every meal.

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