Executive Director

Joe Bryan began working at the Beachcomber in 1980, shortly after the Beachcomber opened. He followed in the path of his father, James Bryan, who founded the facility in 1976 and whose career spanned decades of leadership in the field of alcoholism and addiction treatment. Jim began making changes at the Beachcomber as plans for retirement dawned. It was then his son, Joe expressed interest in management. With a degree in business administration from Florida Atlantic University, Joe was ready for the health care career that followed. He began as our Outreach Director and Community Spokesman, Joe learned the importance of a “homelike atmosphere.” He noted how residents responded positively to the program and felt ready to share his knowledge with a broad range of referral agencies.

By 1992, Joe advanced to Program Director with Jim Bryan available for consultation, and in 2005 Joe became the Executive Director. Joe also has had numerous positions in the recovery community beginning as treasurer for the local chapter of South Florida Employee Assistant Program in 2001-’02, he also held numerous positions at the Employee Assistant Program of Florida including acting President for 2007 – 09 and President for 2009 – 2011. Joe was also awarded the Clinician of the year Award in 2011 for Palm Beach County bestowed by Bob Bozzone, Executive Director of CARP (Comprehensive Alcoholism Rehabilitation Programs).

Chef de Cuisine

Andres Cobas was born in Medford, Oregon and resided in South Florida for most of his youth. He joins The Beachcomber with nearly twenty years of culinary experience. Accomplished in food preparation across a wide range of ethnic and regional cooking, Andy established his reputation with “home-style” meals. Since our Beachcomber menus are best described in exactly such terms he has quickly found popularity with residents, visitors and employees. His willingness to accommodate patients with special dietary requirements and his broad knowledge of appealing dishes has further advanced this important aspect of residential treatment. Appealing menus at the Beachcomber are legendary and often a key to long-term health in recovery according to former residents.

Administrative Support

David Mitchell has been with the Beachcomber for 23 years and has held many roles including Community Service Representative, Night Manager and Driver. Originally from Connecticut, David came to the Beachcomber as a client in February of 1988 and has been sober ever since. David has invested a lot of his time helping other alcoholics and addicts to recover. He has also served in various executive positions at the largest 12 step group in Palm Beach County. This group helps thousands of people every day who attend over 45 meetings a week. David is also a Certified Interventionist, Sober Coach, Sober Escort & Transport Specialist.

Night Manager

Paul started his road to recovery in a small town south of Buffalo, New York. He has worked in the addiction recovery field since 1999. At that time he was developing an employee assistance program for his employer. Paul then worked at a substance abuse treatment center in Delray Beach, Florida. Paul left that center to serve as night manager at the BEACHCOMBER.


Gina Demestre has been with the Beachcomber for 10 years and runs our housekeeping department.  This includes working with our outside linen supplier and ensuring the Beachcomber facility is always clean and comfortable for the clients. Gina makes a special effort to ensure each new client feels at home, their room is properly supplied and ready for their arrival.

Technical Support

Ian Bryan is one of the third generation Bryans that are learning the recovery field at the Beachcomber. Ian grew up close to the Beachcomber visiting his grandfather, Jim, who lived and worked on the property and later his father, Joe, who currently lives and works on the property. He worked for many summers at the Beachcomber through his school years in between summer sports of surfing and skim boarding which he enjoyed at the ocean only a few steps away. He is a recent graduate from Embry Riddle Aeronautical University with a degree in Engineering Physics.