The Study Drug: Adderall

The world we live in is fast paced to say the least, simply consider your daily schedule to emphasize this point. And for the average young adult, balancing a full college curriculum, internships, and leading student organizations, is a full time commitment. And despite how hard we try, the human body can only function for so long. The human body can only be productive for so long. However many young college students have found a short cut to push their bodies further. It is common practice on many college campuses to take prescription stimulants, most notably Adderall. By doing so many young students stimulate their central nervous systems and are able to stay awake for hours on end. The practice has become so common place that the Adderall has become known as The Study DrugĀ.

Prescription stimulants, Adderall included, is common for treating ADHD symptoms in young children. With proper physician supervision the use of prescription stimulants can help treat the symptoms of ADHD and promote self esteem, cognition, social and family cohesion. However the concern comes when these prescriptions are abused, especially by those who do not have a prescription. By taking pharmaceuticals with no doctor supervision young college students are taking part in this common form of self medicating.

Drug use is defined as the mere consumption of any substance that alters ones normal biochemical levels. Drug abuse is when the taking of these substances interferes with one’s social, academic, or professional obligations. Then there is the possibility of drug dependency. This is because Adderall stimulates the central nervous system and changes normal brain chemistry there remains the possibility for physical addiction. However a much more common form of dependence for study drugs such as Adderall is psychological addiction. Many students begin to believe that they need these substances to be productive. They believe that without them they will not be successful. As the implication is as followed: without this drug, I am not as good. This that is a very dangerous road to start down.