Wednesday afternoon is one of two days during the week that former clients come back to the BEACHCOMBER for after care. It is a time to see old friends and to participate in a group recovery session sponsored by the BEACHCOMBER. For me it is a chance to see how BEACHCOMBER ALUMNI are doing.

This past Wednesday I saw 3 individuals that I had not seen in a while. The two women and one male had gone through the BEACHCOMBER in May of this year. The collective change in the 3 individuals was striking. They were fresh faced, healthy and they were obviously enjoying life.

I had picked up one of the individuals at the airport and had seen the other 2 their first morning at the BEACHCOMBER. I remember how sick they were their first few days and how hard the therapists worked with the three to stabilize them. Their disease their addiction was destroying them.

Five months later the three were back and they had transformed themselves. Their addictions were no longer controlling their lives. They were controlling their addictions. The difference was easy to see and brought a smile to all of us here at the BEACHCOMBER who remembers what they looked like in May when they started their road to recovery.