A Sober Life is a Good Life

An alumnus of the Beachcomber told me the other day I woke up one morning during the second week of my stay at the Beachcomber and I could hear the waves crashing on the beach from my cabin. I came to the realization at that time that a sober life could be beautiful. I had been drinking for so long that I forgot that life could be very good without alcohol.

The fact that people just beginning their recovery need to see the beauty in sobriety is why Jim Bryan Sr. located the Beachcomber on A1A next to the Atlantic Ocean in Delray Beach, Florida 35 years ago. It is also the reason he planted the various palms, flowering trees and shrubs on the grounds of the Beachcomber. Jim Bryan knew that the pleasant and beautiful surroundings of the Beachcomber and the sounds of the waves breaking on the sand would consistently whisper the message a sober life is a beautiful lifeĀ.

At the Beachcomber we still adhere to those principles. We take pride in the surroundings and grounds of the Beachcomber. Our clients are recovering from a terrible addiction to drugs or alcohol and we feel it is important to surround them in a beautiful setting which is conducive to their recovery